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What is CONDA?

CONDA is the Central European provider of crowdfinancing technology.

Starting as an innovative crowdinvesting platform in 2013 in Austria, CONDA is connecting small businesses with investors that would help their ideas evolve. In time, CONDA has developed itself into the leading provider of technical, process and legal infrastructure for various types of alternative finance solutions such as crowdinvesting,
-funding and -lending. 

As of today, CONDA operates crowdinvesting platforms and licensed white-label platforms in seven countries and therefore is the leading multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency crowdinvesting company in DACH and CEE.  

Through CONDA’s platform, everyone can invest in a project, with investments being as low as €100. Apart from giving everybody the ability to participate as an investor, every valid project is given the opportunity to get financed through CONDA. 

CONDA is moving its crowdinvesting business model on the blockchain and is planning to increase its revenues in 2017.  

Accomplishments by CONDA

90+ projects

successfully funded projects through our platforms

€20.00+ millions

raised by our projects

9.500+ investors

trusted our platform with their investments


being an average investment

Our vision

"We believe that only standardization and interoperability will move the alternative financing into the daily lives and will become commodity for the future corporate finance and investment world."

Daniel Horak, Co-Founder of CONDA

We are creating the next evolutionary step for investments.

Based on our experience we truly believe, that with the mixture of technologies like blockchain, the power of the crowd and a strong ecosystem of partners, we can create a democratized financial market of the future.

Having our crowdinvesting platform built on a blockchain technology, we provide investors and companies with a fast and secure financial instrument.

Our goal is to create a decentralized network of crowdinvesting platforms to fulfil the gap of funds needed by entrepreneurs and the demand of a growing number of individuals to directly invest into companies.

Main USPs

Track record

Having successfully funded more than 90 projects in the past, CONDA has over 9.500 investors and a broad board with the expertise and knowledge needed to turn prosperous projects into successful businesses.

Legally compliant

While many other alternative investment options appear to be legally non-compliant, or by-passing the law, the CONDA crowdinvesting model is fully legally compliant in all countries CONDA is operating in.


CONDA crowdinvesting platform offers the incredible level of simplicity for investing in companies and for setting-up own crowdinvesting platforms using CONDA’s white-label solution.

New CONDA platform

Decentralized Platform

Enabling cross-platform investing into companies. Enabling platforms to share resources, assets and shares.


Backed by blockchain infrastructure provides secure investment environment.

Legally Compliant

Operating model has been approved by financial authorities in every country.

Fast and Reliable

One cryptocurrency for payments of all services on CONDA network.

KYC and AML Compliant

Providing central user identification and authentication platform for all platforms.

3rd Party Platform Infrastructure

Providing projects and 3rd parties with the infrastructure needed to set-up their own crowdinvesting platform.

ICO in 4 steps

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CONDA team members

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Horak

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sales & Marketing

Conda Collapse image
Karin Turki

Chief Marketing Officer

Conda Collapse image
Andreas Heissenberger

Chief Information Officer

Conda Collapse image
Maria Kopp

Investor Relations Manager

Conda Collapse image
Erika Boon

White Label Partner Manager

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Petsch

Controlling & Finance

Conda Collapse image
Hannah Sturm

Head of Campaign Management

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Pömmer

Payment Service Manager

Levin Brunner

Chief Operation Officer Germany

Björn Hubert

Chief Information Officer Germany

Birgit Beiersdorf

Campaign Manager

Radojica Radivojević

Front End Developer

Bojan Kocijan

UX/UI Designer

Predrag Mijatović


Vladana Donevski

Content Writer

Conda Collapse image
Paul Pöltner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Finance & Business Development

Susanne Engelmann

Assistant to the Managing Partners

Conda Collapse image
Katharina Ehrenfellner

Chief Executive Officer Austria

Conda Collapse image
Michael Lipper

Head of Investment Management

Conda Collapse image
Hannes Reithuber

Business Analyst

Conda Collapse image
Sascha Manhart

Head of Online Marketing

Conda Collapse image
Lara Scheibner

Marketing Assistant

Dirk Littig

Chief Executive Officer Germany

Dino Barkhoff

Chief Finance Officer Germany

Konstantin Frolov

Head of Innovation Scouting Germany

Igor Veličković

Head of Development

Nebojša Nikolić

Front End Developer

Stojan Ivanišević

Cryptocurrency Consultant


Conda Collapse image
Hermann Hauser

Serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Amadeus Capital & active business angel

Conda Collapse image
Niko Alm

Serial entrepreneuer, former CEO VICE CEE & active business angel

Conda Collapse image
Udo Georges Oksakowski

Managing shareholder of the company BoYaSTAR

Conda Collapse image
Hans Zavesky

Serial entrepreneuer, board member at various companies & active business angel

Conda Collapse image

Biggest austrian business angel syndicate with more than 100 mentors

Conda Collapse image
arax Capital Partners

Fund for business financing & strategic development

Advisory Board

Conda Collapse image
Johann "Hansi" Hansmann

Investor and Business Angel

Conda Collapse image
Alf Netek

Chief Marketing Officer of the Kapsch Group

Conda Collapse image
Roland Reisch

Tax Adviser and Partner at TPA Horwath

Conda Collapse image
Markus Ceh

Manager and owner of the advertising agency 3C-Design

Conda Collapse image
Andreas Reinthaler

CEO of M27 Consulting and M27 Finance

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ICO (Initial coin offering) is a model of raising investments, offering cryptocurrencies or Digital Tokens in exchange for investments.

CONDA is a crowdinvesting platform, which connects entrepreneurs and small companies with potential investors, helping them achieve successful businesses together.

So far, 89 projects have been successfully funded, and investment capital of more than € 19.60 million was raised via CONDA platforms in Europe. Through CONDA’s platform, everyone can invest in a project, with investments being as low as €100. Apart from giving everybody the ability to participate as an investor, every valid project is given the opportunity to get financed through CONDA. 

Even though CONDA already is the leader in providing Central Europe with a crowd financing technology, it is important to keep developing. Basing the crowd financing platform on blockchain will increase the security of the platform and also with offering our white-label platform to new users and new countries.

Since the blockchain platform is operating on a single currency, expanding the community with investors and companies from new countries will be possible without flooding the system with additional fiat currencies.

The CONDA platform will maintain legal compliance within any new country of operation.

Currently we are preparing everything for the ICO. Just send us an email ( and we contact you when our whitepaper is ready & of course when our ICO is about to start.