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Professionalizing the alternative financing market by enabling
a secure infrastructure for company investments on the blockchain.

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Introducing CONDA and Why it is the Best Choice for Crowdfinancing

CONDA launched its crowdinvesting platform in 2013. The blockchain infrastructure presented is the logical step for bringing crowdfinancing to the next level by utilizing the most efficient technology, supported by our experienced team and partners. CONDA is supported by a high-class group of investors and advisors.

CONDA has already successfully financed more than 90 projects, with a total invested capital of over €20 million. The team has the experience and the knowledge to handle projects of every size all over Europe, from €100,000 up to several million euros.

Blockchain Technology
CONDA ́s goal is to not just to be another crowdinvesting platform. Our mission is to create the financial market of the future. We are building a community-based ecosystem for fast and secure crowdfinancing, based on blockchain technology and combined with traditional forms of financing.

CONDA presented its investment model to regulators in seven countries and has received positive confirmations from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Additionally, the regulations in the U.K. as well as in the Czech Republic have been checked by lawyers for future collaboration.

Without Boundaries
CONDA is working on erasing geographic and other existing boundaries between different currencies and countries. This is possible by establishing the lowest and fairest rates for investing across countries and currencies. As the investment transactions are quick and easy, the investment process should be the same regardless of a user’s currency or country.

Alternative Finance and the Future of Crowdinvesting

In the last couple of years, due to having increasing numbers of innovative and rapidly-growing SMEs, startups and real estate projects, traditional forms of financing are unable to fit the needs of innovative ventures. New and alternative forms of financing are the solution to closing the financial gap, with the most important ones being crowdfunding or crowdinvesting.

"Alternative business funding increased considerably,
with €5,431 million raised for over 9,400 start-ups and SMEs across Europe in 2015 – and research shows that it will grow even more, globally.*"

Back in 2013, CONDA took the first step to closing this financial gap by creating an innovative crowdinvesting platform that connects companies with investors who would help their ideas evolve into profitable business without intermediaries, and by participating in the success of these businesses.

* (Cambridge Centre for Alternative finance, 2016)

Power of the Crowd: The Future of Financing

The industry for alternative financing is growing rapidly and with it, more different and non-standardized platforms for ICOs and crowdfinancing are popping up.

CONDA believes that the future of financing lies in the power of the crowd. At the moment, the power of the crowd is proving to be on a good path toward fulfilling the existing financing gap, but it is also obvious that it has much more to overcome, such as the lack of decentralization and full-transparency.

CONDA: The Solution For the Financial Market of the Future

CONDA faces the problems by creating the missing decentralized infrastructure built on the blockchain: for companies seeking funds, investors looking for investment options and platform operators providing the appropriate tools.

CONDA is a decentralized and distributed clearing system for crowdfinancing built on the blockchain, which will create the financial market of the future.

This technology allows anyone to securely and transparently invest in companies all around the world, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

With this new platform, the power of the crowd will reach its full potential by being fully decentralized, community-driven, transparent, and without any bo aries in the form of intermediaries between the participants in the ecosystem.

What is CRWD Token?

CRWD Token is the core of all transactions made within the CONDA decentralized marketplace.

Without the CRWD Token, no investments can be conducted. As it is, only CRWD Token holders will be able to use the crowdfinancing platform.

It is also mandatory for a successfully buying and selling the investments as well as maintaining the positive aspects of the blockchain: transparency, security and decentralization.

The token is required for CONDA’s diverse business services as well as for paying the fees thereby incurred. By contrast, investing in the projects processed on CONDA is still made in the respective national currency, e.g. in Euro.

For more information about the CRWD Token, please read the CONDA White paper.

ICO Details

CONDA will create up to 45,000,000 CRWD Tokens; CONDA intends to exchange up to 22,500,000 CRWD Tokens in the initial coin offering for Ether/FIAT/Bitcoin.

In total, 50% of the tokens will be distributed in the initial coin offering, which includes the tokens sold and bonus tokens distributed. After the crowdsale, unsold tokens will be burned.

Private-sale Start date

December 20, 2017

Start date

June 2018

Token Activation Date

Q2 2018

Token Distribution Bonus Token

Q2 2018

Five Reasons why to Purchase CRWD Tokens

Limited Offer
All tokens will be issued only during the ICO. This is stated in the CONDA Smart Contracts and therefore 100% guaranteed by a decentralized blockchain protocol. There will be no second crowdsale and unsold tokens allocated for the crowdsale will be burned.

Constant Demand
While all CONDA blockchain solutions require CRWD Token for their usage, the number of platforms and companies using these solutions constantly increases. CRWD Tokens are paid as a percentage from the transaction volume, i.e., 0.5% of the invested amount. As a result, this will lead to a steadily-increasing demand in CRWD Tokens.

Compliant with Regulations

The legal option is that CRWD Tokens is not security.
All of CONDA’s activities as a crowdinvesting platform are checked by the financial authority in the countries CONDA is operating in with the subordinated loan.

CONDA strongly believes in the power of the crowd, continuous improvement of its ecosystem, and the necessity of ongoing research and development. CONDA will dedicate 4% of its funds from the ICO to support ongoing research and development activities within the CONDA ecosystem. In addition, for every transaction on the system, a fee up to 0,5% of the invested amount must be paid by the investor. 5% of these fees will flow into the R&D fund program.

Every year, 20% of the pool will be used to fund ongoing research and development projects submitted and upvoted by the CONDA crowd and stakeholders (investors, companies, platforms, partners) in the ecosystem to ensure the continuous improvement of the CONDA network.

Loyalty Program
Companies are charged for issuing a crowdfinancing campaign on the blockchain infrastructure. 5% of this fee flows into the loyalty program, along with 3% of the distributed CRWD Token during the ICO.

The CONDA community will be included in the loyalty program and therefore receive CRWD Tokens based on their activities on the platform.

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CONDA Team Members

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Horak

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sales & Marketing

Conda Collapse image
Karin Turki

Chief Marketing Officer

Conda Collapse image
Andreas Heissenberger

Chief Information Officer

Conda Collapse image
Maria Kopp

Investor Relations Manager

Conda Collapse image
Erika Boon

White Label Partner Manager

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Petsch

Controlling & Finance

Conda Collapse image
Hannah Sturm

Head of Campaign Management

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Pömmer

Payment Service Manager

Levin Brunner

Chief Operation Officer Germany

Björn Hubert

Chief Information Officer Germany

Birgit Beiersdorf

Campaign Manager

Conda Collapse image
Radojica Radivojević


Conda Collapse image
Bojan Kocijan

UX/UI Designer

Conda Collapse image
Predrag Mijatović


Conda Collapse image
Vladana Donevski

Content Writer

Conda Collapse image
Blaž Jamšek


Conda Collapse image
Paul Pöltner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Finance & Business Development

Susanne Engelmann

Assistant to the Managing Partners

Conda Collapse image
Katharina Ehrenfellner

Chief Executive Officer Austria

Conda Collapse image
Michael Lipper

Head of Investment Management

Conda Collapse image
Sascha Manhart

Head of Online Marketing

Conda Collapse image
Lara Scheibner

Marketing Assistant

Dirk Littig

Chief Executive Officer Germany

Dino Barkhoff

Chief Finance Officer Germany

Konstantin Frolov

Head of Innovation Scouting Germany

Conda Collapse image
Igor Veličković

Head of Development

Conda Collapse image
Nebojša Nikolić

Front End Developer

Conda Collapse image
Stojan Ivanišević

Cryptocurrency Consultant

Conda Collapse image
Vladimir Kunarac

Backend/API Developer

Conda Collapse image
Vlado Tesanovic

Backend/API Developer

Technical Advisors & Partners

Conda Collapse image
Daniel Pichler

Token-based economics analyst at RIAT

Conda Collapse image

Institute for research, development, communication and education in the fields of cryptoeconomics and the blockchain.


Conda Collapse image
Hermann Hauser

Serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Amadeus Capital & active business angel

Conda Collapse image
Niko Alm

Serial entrepreneuer, former CEO VICE CEE & active business angel

Conda Collapse image
Udo Georges Oksakowski

Entrepreneur, consultant and Managing Director of BoYaSTAR GmbH

Conda Collapse image
Hans Zavesky

Serial entrepreneuer, board member at various companies & active business angel

Conda Collapse image

Biggest austrian business angel syndicate with more than 100 mentors

Conda Collapse image
arax Capital Partners

Fund for business financing & strategic development

What our investors say:

Advisory Board

Conda Collapse image
Johann "Hansi" Hansmann

Investor and Business Angel

Conda Collapse image
Alf Netek

Chief Marketing Officer of the Kapsch Group

Conda Collapse image
Roland Reisch

Tax Adviser and Partner at TPA Horwath

Conda Collapse image
Markus Ceh

Manager and owner of the advertising agency 3C-Design

Conda Collapse image
Andreas Reinthaler

CEO of M27 Consulting and M27 Finance

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CONDA is a crowdinvesting platform, which connects entrepreneurs and small companies with potential investors, helping them achieve successful businesses together.

So far, 89 projects have been successfully funded, and investment capital of more than € 19.60 million was raised via CONDA platforms in Europe. Through CONDA’s platform, everyone can invest in a project, with investments being as low as €100. Apart from giving everybody the ability to participate as an investor, every valid project is given the opportunity to get financed through CONDA. 

Even though CONDA already is the leader in providing Central Europe with a crowd financing technology, it is important to keep developing. Basing the crowd financing platform on blockchain will increase the security of the platform and also with offering our white-label platform to new users and new countries.

Since the blockchain platform is operating on a single currency, expanding the community with investors and companies from new countries will be possible without flooding the system with additional fiat currencies.

The CONDA platform will maintain legal compliance within any new country of operation.


For all sales in the pre-sale, there is a pre-sale bonus of 20%, with up to 10% bonus available depending on the amount of investment. For details, please have a look in our white paper or contact us at Telegram or Email.

First of all, because you believe in our vision to build the financial market of the future by creating a decentralized network of crowdinvesting platforms and the ability of our team to realize it. One reason to invest in the CRWD Token might be, because you are planning to use the services of CONDA in the future and you want the bonus of up to 30% additional CRWD Token, which you can get during the Pre-Sale. This would give you more CONDA services for less money. Another reason could be that you believe, that the value of the CONDA Token will increase over time and a possible exchange might be profitable for you.

Risk disclosure

The acquisition of CRWD Token is linked to significant risks and can lead to the complete loss of the money invested.