CONDA – introducing a secure token ecosystem for start-ups and SMEs.

Our white paper was the focus of many conversations last month, and we’d love for you to be in on the discussion! Here’s some more information about our latest developments.

CONDA is concerned with streamlining and standardizing the full M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) process so that everyone can invest in innovative companies, even if their initial investment is small.

The blockchain allows us to optimize and standardize this process, which is why we are building a protocol to transform our working crowdinvesting model into a completely decentralized application. Soon you will be able to invest in companies globally, based on homogenized investment products.

In short, we are developing a decentralized, regulatory-compliant crowdfinancing infrastructure protocol on the blockchain.

In this first part of our “straight talk” ICO blog series, I will provide a general overview of this new investment protocol. I’ll cover our current activities and topics like CRWD Token, compliance and regulatory issues more in depth in future articles.

Tokenized Equity Offerings

All money invested will be represented on the blockchain in the form of tokenized equity offerings created by each individual company.

100% of a tokenized equity offering represents 100% of the investment offer from the company. Simply put, if you own 10% of a tokenized equity offering, you own 10% of the total investment offer.

In order to standardize the process of creating a tokenized equity offering, a tokenized equity offering generator (also referred to as company token creator) is required. This is a small program running on the blockchain which allows everyone who has access to it to set up his/her own tokenized equity offering without programming.

Initially, some specialized rules (aka the “crowdsale contract”) are required regarding creating a tokenized equity offering. This “crowdsale contract” is permanently linked to a tokenized equity offering and defines the terms and conditions under which the token may be purchased for the first time.

The Investor Key

The final element of our protocol is the investor key. European regulators mandate that everyone who wants to buy securities must be identified. The investor key is linked to a specific wallet address for digital currencies only after the owner of the wallet’s private key has been identified. This allows the CRWD protocol to always know who owns which company tokens.

Once all these elements are successfully in place, a completely decentralized and standardized crowdfinancing ecosystem is created, allowing easy and secure access to investors interested in supporting innovative startups and SMEs. Check out all our previous coverage of our ICO at as well.

CONDA founder Paul Pöltner