3 reasons why not to “wait and see what happens”

You have found out a new ICO and have thoroughly checked it. Read the white paper, checked their team members' profiles on LinkedIn; read their Medium blog posts; FAQ page, too. It seems legit and not a scam. So you join their Telegram channel and check for couple more things.

But still, the risk is high. Not only their ICO could be a scam, but their ICO might not hit the low cap. So, you decide to wait and see what happens.

If the first part of this article is true for you, it's amazing. Due diligence step is the most important part of investing in an ICO.

As for "now let’s wait and see what happens", I would love to suggest otherwise. Here are my top 3 reasons not to do it.

1. Bonus tokens

Most of the bonus coins/tokens programs rely on your FOMO. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are solely a marketing trick to get you on-board to buy good-for-nothing altcoins.

Early investors in the ICO mean a world to the ICO team, and ICO team knows how to thank them. It is often a simple "thank you" gift, rather than anything else.

If the team is literally throwing their bonus on everyone, anytime, there might be a reason for concern. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a great investment.

2. If it hits the exchange, then...

... it is likely that the coin/token already costs significantly more.

Yes, once it is listed on an exchange it could be the last step of reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Chances are, though, that you could have got double the coins/tokens for the same amount of money during the ICO.

3. Last but not least

The rule "don't invest more than you can afford to lose" combined with "don't put all your eggs in one basket" are two most important ICO investors' rules.

Again, if you are entering during the ICO phase - you are much better off than people selling their house to buy a single Bitcoin.

Since you can buy a lot of coins/tokens during an ICO for a small amount, you are probably better off with more tokens once the ICO is over. When I say more, I mean from several different ICOs.

Two hit the rock bottom, three go sky-high, and you still get your profit. Much, much better than jumping onboard too late.

While I disagree with "wait and see" technique, I encourage you to do your own due diligence and to check everything before investing!

Don't trust the FOMO, don't put all the eggs in the same basket, and definitely do not invest more than you can afford to lose!

Other than that, make sure to know the right time to buy a crypto. It could be too early - but it can also be too late!

Check out the CONDA ICO, read the white paper, or the light paper, if you want it all summed-up and join the Telegram group to ask your questions!