4 types of tokens in the CRWD Network

The CRWD Network natively supports four different tokens. What are these tokens and who are they for?

CRWD Token

The CRWD Token is the CRWD Network's native token. This utility token is an ERC20 standard token and has multiple purposes in the network.

All the participants in the network use this token to pay for different CRWD Network's services. CRWD Token's value is fluctuating, depending on market trading price.

Asset Token

Companies that are looking for funding on the network issue a tokenized equity offering. The tokens automatically generated in it are commonly referred as Asset Tokens. These tokens can be traded and held within identified Ethereum wallets.

The asset token represents the company’s liability to its investors. It can be in the form of any financial instrument (i.e. a share or a bond). Every investor can identify himself as an owner of a share in a company when holding this kind of token in their wallet.

Investor Key

An Investor Key is a result of a finalized KYC process. It is an unmovable token that states that the owner of the Ethereum address as a participant of the CRWD Network.

Every investor must have their Investor Key. With it, CRWD Network’s partner can identify a user, after which the investor is allowed to invest in CRWD assets.

Platform Key

The platform key is what allows CRWD Network's platforms to add new projects to the network.

CONDA gives these keys to platforms only after a legal contract is set up between CONDA and the future CRWD platform.

With the tokens’ definitions in check, in the next article read more on who are the participants of CRWD Network!