Austria’s Blockchain Ecosystem

The innovation landscape in Austria is maturing, and many industries have seen their share of startups and innovative ideas grow. Even if you’ve heard of projects happening using Bitcoin and blockchain over the years, it might still be helpful to have a clear view of what has been going on inside Austria’s borders. Here is our list for blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations in Austria. While not flashy, it’s presented in an easily digestible and clickable format to help you do your own research on what your personal interest. #Don’tTrustVerify 😉#InnovateInAustria

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Name Typ Site
AIT Digital Insights Research Link
Artis ICO Startup Link
Avinoq ICO Startup Link
Bit Trust Exchange Link
Bitcoin Austria Education Link
Bitcoin Bon Exchange Link
Bitpanda Exchange Link
Bitperformance Mining Link
Bitpocket Blockchain Startup Link
Bittex Mining / Consulting Link
Blockchain Austria Government Link
Blockchain Center ABC Education Link Education Link
Blocklancer ICO Startup Link
Blockpit ICO Startup Link
Capacity Blockchain Solutions IT Consulting Link
Coin Factory Mining Link
Coinfinity Consulting Link
Coinnecting Exchange Link
Coins 2 Go Bitcoin ATMs Link
Cointed Bitcoin ATMs Link
Coinvest 300 ICO Consulting Link
Conda ICO Startup Link
Copytrack ICO Startup Link
Crypto Management Consulting Link
Cryptofuture ICO Startup Link
Cryptounity Mining Link
Cryptouniverse Mining / Shop Link
Cultural Places ICO Startup Link
Difacturo Blockchain Startup Link
E-Charge ICO Startup Link
Eigenheads Consulting GmbH Consulting Link
EnliteAI Consulting Link
Ethereum Vienna Education Link
Fashion TV ICO Startup Link
Finnoq ICO Startup Link
Fintech Austria Education Link
Fintech Academy Education Link
Grapevine ICO Startup Link
Graphsense Blockchain Startup Link
Herosphere ICO Startup Link
House of Nakamoto Store Link
Hydrominer ICO Startup Link
Krypto market Blockchain Startup Link
Kurant Bitcoin ATMs Link
Minebox Blockchain Startup Link
NEM Foundation Education Link
Pantos (Bitpanda) ICO Startup Link
Pecunio ICO Startup Link
Primed Crypto GmbH Miner Link
RIAT - Institute for future cryptoeconomics Research Link
Riddle & Code Blockchain Startup Link
Rocket Chain ICO Startup Link
Rotharium ICO Startup Link
Smart Blockchain Lobbying Link
WachsendeWerte Mining Link