Bonus CRWD Tokens – Why are we giving free tokens?


CRWD Token Pre-Sale

Here at CONDA, we’ve developed a Pre-Sale Bonus Token Program for our early investors.

Sign up during the pre-sale, and earn 20% more tokens with your initial investment. An additional token bonus of 10% can be earned depending on the amount invested.

**To summarize, we’re rewarding early investors with up to 30% additional tokens during the pre-sale — that’s a lot of free tokens! **

CRWD Token Investor Bonus

Since CONDA started in 2013, we have generated over 30.000 active users on our platforms. They have helped us achieve not only our vision, but also the visions of over 90 companies present on our platforms.

In appreciation of their continued commitment, current participants of the CONDA ecosystem will receive a discount via our Bonus Program. It’s our way of saying thanks for supporting us. We are happy to have you on board!

We are equally excited about every new participant that joins the ecosystem, so we’ve designed the Bonus Token program to include you too! New CONDA CRWD members will also receive a great deal for joining our community. After all, the bigger the CRWD, the greater the things we can do together on the decentralized market of the future.

**We value our crowd, so do not miss our pre-sale! Grab your early bird bonus NOW! **

Need more info? Check out our white paper.