Changing the world sometimes needs more time than expected

The Pre-Sale of our Security/EquityToken Offering ends today, August 3rd, and after months of hard work, we have achieved several great milestones:

  • onboarded successful, well-known investors
  • received tons of feedback from the community, ICO platforms, global experts and others
  • created the first prototype of our protocol and started testing and gathering input by tech experts and developers
  • acted as front-runners for regulatory changes by developing new frameworks and consulting financial authorities (our founders, for example, are part of the advisory board for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance)
  • attracted new partners for growing the CRWD Network via intense but fruitful talks with banks and other established financial institutions

We also experienced some ups and downs due to positive and negative changes within the crypto market as a whole. However, we are proud to announce the most important (and best!) news: three companies have signed on to run a Security/Equity Token Offering based on the CRWD Network Protocol.

CONDA, the company behind the CRWD Network and CRWD Token, isn’t just an idea in a white paper; rather, we’ve been dealing with the financial markets and its authorities in Europe for more than five years and running a fully operational company for several years already. Our success is based on trust, and we want to create a sustainable basis for the financial market of the future.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, ever-changing regulatory environment and the fact that we’ve won our first clients for Security/Equity Offerings (who will give us a lot of valuable input for our solution), we’ve decided that we will direct our resources toward accelerating the development of new features, adoptions and changes to CRWD Network and the CRWD Token.

We are convinced that this is the right and necessary step to truly build the best solution for our users, clients, investors, and partners.

To implement these changes and get ready for the three major Token Offerings running on our CRWD Network Protocol, we need some additional time and effort. Therefore, our Crowd-Sale will be deferred and we will announce the proceedings soon; until that time, whitelisting for the Crowd-Sale will remain open.

Our updated timeline is as follows:

  • End Pre-Sale: August 3rd
  • Start Security/Equity Token Offerings by our clients: Q4 2018 (expected)
  • Start Crowd-Sale: to be announced

And one last thing: we are proud to announce that ICONIC Capital invested in our ICO and will join the CRWD Network. The CEO of ICONIC, Chris Miess, will join our Board of Advisors, supporting us with his vast experience and network.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or our website.