CONDA and IdentityMind Create a Safe Space for Investing

As already stated in my former articles, it is very important for CONDA to consider and follow all relevant regulations in the market. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are of utmost importance, taking into account jurisdictional variations and countries which have passed specific regulations regarding Initial Coin Offerings.

IdentityMind Global - Partner for KYC

For this purpose, we partnered with IdentityMind Global. A leading digital identity firm, IdentityMind Global provides a SaaS platform that enables companies to help automate KYC and transaction monitoring.

IdentityMind has served the cryptocurrency industry since 2013 and began supporting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) last year. They have a dedicated ICO and cryptocurrency business unit to support the continued growth and success of the industry. IdentityMind will play an important role in the CRWD Token offering, helping to ensure that it is legally compliant with AML/KYC regulations worldwide.

Secure and Trusted Environment

With this partnership, we are forming a comprehensive Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering process and our combined expertise will create a secure and trusted environment for issuing and trading tokenized equities.

Neal Reiter, the Director of IdentityMind’s ICO Business Unit said that “tokenizing company equity and putting it on a blockchain is a truly world-changing goal that we are eager to support. We look forward to supporting CONDA in achieving this goal.”

IdentityMind will help us to block certain geographies, preventing potential contributors from bypassing the laws and regulations in order to enter the CRWD token's ICO.

About IdentityMind

The company has supported over 80 ICOs and processed contributors from over 110 countries. We believe, that this partnership marks an incredible step toward the legally compliant financial market of the future!