CRWD Network - REFERRAL Program

CONDA ICO referral program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

If you believe in CONDA and our aim to develop a decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing tokenized equity offerings, spread the word and earn CRWD Token in return!

How does it work for me?

(1) Go to our whitelisting page, fill out the form, upload your documents and receive your unique referral link after a click on the link in your verification e-mail.

(2) Share your unique referral link in your network (e.g. Social Media, E-Mail, SMS, Website, etc).

(3) Get 5% of all the investments made through that link in CRWD Tokens.

How does the program work?

When a user clicks on your link, their activity on our page will be tracked by our software. If these users register then on our website and join our ICO, they will be marked with your affiliate ID.

With every amount of Euro, ETH or Dash received from users you’ve brought to our landing page to join our ICO (June 4 to July 31st) , you will receive 5% of the invested amount in CRWD Tokens.


  • A user clicks your referral link and joins our ICO to get an equivalent amount of 1.000 CRWD Tokens, you will receive a 50 CRWD Tokens commission.

You will receive your CRWD Tokens after the ICO is completed.

How many tokens will be issued with the referral program?

The tokens issued in the referral program attributes to the total amount of tokens issued. If the hard cap is reached, we issue 45.000.000 CRWD Tokens, from which 1,2% are allocated for the referral campaign.

Example 1:

  • reached amount: 1.200.000 USD (Soft cap)
  • amount allocated for referral campaign: 28.800 USD

Example 2:

  • reached amount: 22.000.000 USD (Hard cap)
  • amount allocated for referral campaign: 528.000 USD


We will provide commissions on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once the Crowd-Sale ended and CONDA has received the transfers through referral links, we will send the referral bonus tokens to the addresses who participated in chronological order!

This is a limited promotion only! CONDA reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime.

Please do NOT spam your referral link! Please respect privacy and be careful sharing referral links.

If you have any questions join us on Telegram!