Crypto lucky and unlucky

The most expensive pizza case and no-need-for-college-anymore teenager.

Crypto lucky

Think back to the last time your grandparents gave you money for your birthday. What did you buy? Chocolate or other candy? That toy you were longing for?

In case of Erik Finman, not to succumb to silly spending proved to be the most important decision he had made. At the age of 12, this teen got a $1000 gift from his grandparents - and instead of succumbing to his sweet tooth wishes, he invested all of it - into Bitcoin.

You would think it takes a genius to become rich at an early age. However, Erik is a high-school dropout. All it took was a bet with his parents - if he became a millionaire by the age of 18, he wouldn't have to go to college. Today, at the age 19, Erik owns 401 Bitcoin, which are at the time of writing, worth $3,2 million.

He is also working for NASA since 2014 when he sold his online education company for 300 Bitcoins. In short - he is for sure our Crypto Lucky award winner.

Crypto unlucky

We all know about Bitcoin now, but back in 2009, it was reserved for hard-core enthusiasts. Most of the early miners, mainly anyone interested that owned a laptop, are extremely rich. Now, mining is super expensive and rarely fruitful. However, in early days, it was possible to mine a large amount of Bitcoin fairly quickly and cheap.

In 2010, a developer named Laszlo, was super excited to put his mined Bitcoins into actual use. He decided to buy pizza, two to be precise, as he said he likes having leftover pizza. He paid for those, on 22 May 2010, a whopping 10,000 Bitcoins. At the time, they were worth no more than $40. With Bitcoin's price eight years later, at the moment of writing, those two pizzas are now worth $80.800.000!

This developer is now known as "The crypto's most unlucky", and the pizza as "The most expensive pizza".

Every year, on the exact date of the most expensive pizza purchase, Bitcoin enthusiasts celebrate. It is known as "Bitcoin pizza day".

We hope that he had enough leftover pizza for the following day! If he had only waited, he would had enough to buy pizza for a lifetime!