Fintech x Blockchain: Insights, Updates and a Full House

Last Friday, November 23rd we hosted an event as part of the FinTech Week Vienna 2018 together with ANON Blockchain Summit. Roughly 150 people signed-up and we were overwhelmed with the huge interest in our event and the entire topic.

After a short intro and warm welcome from Daniel Horak, where he also interviewed co-host Daniel Lenikus about the upcoming ANON Blockchain Summit Austria in April 2019, Dusica Lukac held a very interesting keynote. The professional and MBA-qualified financial investment strategist, and longtime fintech expert talked about the future of the fintech industry and which part blockchain technology is going to play in it. Check out her presentation here.

Next in the program was the panel discussion with Oliver Stauber from Jarolim Partner, the blockchain and crypto expert Chris Miess, Dusica Lukac and the two Daniels – Horak and Lenikus. It was an interesting mix of opinions from different angles, but with one common statement: blockchain technology is already happening in so many different fields and, especially fintech, is going to profit big time in the future.

When Daniel asked the panel a final question, the audience literally froze, and you could almost hear a pin drop:

“How is the crypto market going to develop?”

Well, if you want to know the experts’ opinion, you should have attended our event! We just give you this one hint from Dusica “there will be ups and downs”.

After a short break to hit the bar and refill the glasses, it was time for the pitches of the blockchain projects. First in the row was Florian Wimmer from Blockpit, who presented their crypto tax solution and the next milestones of the Austrian-based company.

The next pitch was very spontaneous, but Salamantex seized the opportunity to present their crypto payment solution to the interested audience.

The final pitch by Paul Pöltner was all about the CRWDNetwork – CONDAs solution to offer tokenized equity offerings for startups, SMEs and real estate projects. Paul also mentioned that CONDA recently converted its shares to tokens, illustrated the transparency live and showed the audience how to find an overview of those security tokens online. More in his pitch deck...

Big applause! 😊

Before Daniel L. and Michael from ANON closed the (official part of the) event, Chris Miess and Anita Posch took the chance to introduce the recently founded DAAA (Digital Asset Association Austria), which is committed to the sustainable development of the ecosystem for digital assets in Austria. Download the presentation here.

We also got support from Crowd-Fund-Port, which aims to improve skills and competences of all relevant stakeholder groups in the crowdfunding industry to prepare them for taking advantage of the crowdfunding phenomena.

Looking back, we are excited and super happy about the large number of people who made it to our event – on a Friday evening – and the positive response we got. So, thanks to everybody who made the evening successful!


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