How can you benefit from buying CRWD Token?

We’ve put a lot of emphasis on how we are planning to create the financial market of the future, but how does an individual participating in our ICO truly benefit from owning CRWD Token?

There are three ways you can reap the rewards of our ICO:

1. Become a part of the CONDA crowd

Use your CRWD Token to create investor tokens, invest in companies presented on CONDA platforms and gain revenue from their successes. Every initial investment during our pre-sale comes with bonus CRWD Token along with expert feedback from skilled investors on selected companies presenting their campaigns on our platforms.

If you represent a company that would like to present its offer on our platform, be sure to get your CRWD Token on time! You will need it to raise money for your business on our decentralized marketplace.

2. Invest wisely: buy, hold & trade CRWD Token

The value of every cryptocurrency is determined by the basic rule of supply and demand, and CRWD Token is no exception.

When you acquire CRWD Token and hold it in your wallet, you are further reducing its supply. Since participants of CONDA platforms will use these tokens to pay for CONDA services, demand is likely to grow with each new participant joining the ecosystem. Buy, hold and then sell them on an exchange (or perhaps wait just a little longer?).

We are working hard on listing our cryptocurrency on major crypto exchanges and will be publishing the list of exchanges at the start of the CRWD sale!

3. Get the best of both worlds

Get our CRWD Token, and create your Investor Token. Then purchase Company Token from carefully selected companies presented on our platforms, and earn steady revenue as these companies grow with your help.

Hold onto your remaining amount of CRWD Token. As an investor, you only need one Investor Token to comply with KYC. The Token is needed in order to pay fees for future transactions, but the investment will still be done in FIAT. So you can both invest and wait for the rest of the Token’s value to grow before selling it.

Whichever strategy you choose, please keep in mind that there will not be any additional crowd sale! The amount of Token issued and sold is fixed.