How to use a ledger wallet within the CRWD network?

So I bought a ledger wallet, once CRWD and asset tokens are live, how will I be able to use them in combination?

Great question crypto padawan. As as all tokens in the CRWD network infrastructure protocol will be implemented using the ERC20, wallets that allow to add customized tokens will be compatible.

Once you have gone through the setup of your hardware wallet e.g. ledgerwallet, you will be able to use the infrastructure with tools like


As they’ll warn you on the site, be sure to always use the real myetherwallet and not any of the scam sites. Even google ads have known to contain fake myetherwallet sites so you’re probably savest if you are sure you’re on the real site to save a direct link to the site. Before you authorize any transaction on your hardware wallet check twice that it’s actually sending the transaction you want.

Now you can log in on the send ether & tokens tab using your favorite wallet. If you use the ledger be sure to be logged into the ethereum wallet on the hardware device and have browser support enabled.

Now you’re in myetherwallet with your hardware device. A powerful tool that helps you to manage your ethereum and tokens of all types.

If you want to send an Asset Token you bought in a Token sale in the CRWD Network, head over to the ‘Add Custom Token’ Tab on the right and click it.

The following window will provide you with three questions and all those 3 infos will be given to you through the CONDA platform. Technically you could also always look them up yourself on the ethereum blockchain.

As an example we’ve added the CRWD Token contract that allows us to see our CRWD balance and move CRWD Tokens around.

This process will be repeatable with all tokens you buy from CONDA. Also with this process you will be able to check if your current wallet has gone through the KYC process and received an investor key.

Here the view as we added a test investor key contract on metamask, another software to manage your token balance with similar to myetherwallet. 0 means that the account has not gone through the KYC process yet to be able to send Asset Tokens.

If you already have a ledger or another type of hardware wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, be sure to get an address KYC verified that’s generated on the device. This will make the future of crowdinvesting secure and easiest for you. More information on how you can use your assets and tokens on the platform will follow when the relevant smart contracts are fully implemented.

Stay tuned for the future and follow the CRWD Network on this blog, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or Telegram for updates.