How to participate in CRWD Network

CRWD Token

The CRWD Token Distribution is starting on June 4, 2018 with a max. of 60 days or until the Pre-Sale hardcap of 6 mio. Euro is reached followed by the Crowd-Sale, which is going to last up to 40 days or until the total hardcap of 18 mio. Euro is reached.

CRWD Token Distribution

All CRWD tokens will be issued exclusively during the ICO. This is coded in the CONDA's Smart Contracts, so it is 100% guaranteed by the blockchain protocol.

CONDA will create up to 45,000,000 CRWD Tokens CONDA intends to exchange up to 22,500,000 CRWD Tokens (or 50% of the total token amount), including bonus tokens.

The ETH / CRWD Token exchange rate will be fixed, and the EUR/CRWD Token and Dash/CRWD Token exchange rate will be floating and presented on the webpage at 12 a.m. daily (see table below).

During the Private-, Pre- & Crowd-Sale, we are entitled to distribute CRWD Tokens (including Bonus Tokens) of up to 50 % of the total CRWD Token Number (including Bonus Tokens). If by the end of the offer period, the actual number of tokens distributed by CONDA (including Bonus Tokens) is less than 50 % of the total token amount, the total token amount shall be adjusted, and CONDA will burn tokens accordingly, so that the number of tokens distributed by the end of the offer period (including any bonus tokens) corresponds to 50 % of the then adjusted total token amount. CONDA will then retain any tokens that were neither distributed nor burned and shall be entitled to distribute them at a later stage, if and when required or desirable by CONDA. 

How to participate in the ICO


All you need to do is visit the CRWD Token Whitelisting page, fill out the form, upload the required documents (ID Card / passport photos) and confirm your validation e-mail.

We are reviewing every submission manually and inform you, once you’re whitelisted.


In order to be in the pole position for our ICO and therefore have a higher chance to get CRWD Tokens during the Pre-/Crowd-Sale, we strongly recommend to whitelist yourself BEFORE the sale starts.

Once the Pre-/Crowd-Sale has started, you have to transfer ETH or Dash to our wallet-address or EUR to our bank account. After we have received your payment, you’ll get your CRWD Tokens immediately transferred to your ERC-20 wallet address.

Important to know:

  • Always check if you are on the official CRWD Token Website
  • Transfer your ETH/Dash ONLY to our wallet address you see after you logged in to your account
  • Make sure to double-check the details you provide, especially your ERC-20 wallt address. This address will receive the CRWD Tokens – if it’s not correct or the wrong address, CRWD Tokens may be lost!
  • Only upload high-qualitiy images of your government-issued ID or passport for the KYC check.

Exchange rate of the day:

Jun 17, 2018 € 431,06
Jun 16, 2018 € 425,4
Jun 15, 2018 € 434,08
Jun 14, 2018 € 425,33
Jun 13, 2018 € 404,585
Jun 12, 2018 € 435,87
Jun 11, 2018 € 443,785
Jun 10, 2018 € 466,185
Jun 9, 2018 € 510,84
Jun 8, 2018 € 509,52
Jun 7, 2018 € 514,35
Jun 6, 2018 € 512,175
Jun 5, 2018 € 507,725
Jun 4, 2018 € 515,305

**The exchange rate of the day will be calculated based on the data from ((highest value + lowest value of the day)/2)**