KYC – Why does CONDA value it so much?

KYC matters.

Regardless of how daunting they may be for first-time investors, „Know Your Customer“ (KYC) requirements are incredibly important for numerous reasons.

The most important justification for KYC initiatives remains the assurance that CONDA complies with all legal regulations. By doing so, we are protecting ourselves and our stakeholders against money laundering and terrorist financing.

KYC is necessary for the protection and security of our token holders. Our clients must be able to prove at any time that they are legal owners of a token in order to ensure that none of our investors will lose stakes due to the inability to prove ownership of tokens.

From the client’s perspective, it is important to give companies presenting themselves on our platforms the right to perform their own investor checks to be able to demonstrate at all times who owns their company tokens.

CONDA is committed to remaining legally compliant with current and possible future laws and regulations in order to provide its crowd with the best possible platform and user experience for raising investments!

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