Meet the CRWD Network

In recent years, CONDA has been working on creating the technological infrastructure to solve the problems companies face when attempting to gain financing.

  • In 2013 we took on the lack of financing options for SMEs and startups by creating the CONDA crowdinvesting platform 1.0.
  • In 2016 we addressed the demand for ready-to-use white-label platforms via CONDA’s platformas-a-service 1.5.
  • In 2017 we tackled the need for standardized, professional and trustworthy platforms in the world of alternative financing.

As CONDA continues to evolve, we recognize the need for interoperability and internationalization of all these platforms. Our solution: the CONDA infrastructure, which will professionalize the alternative financing market.

We believe that only standardization and interoperability will shift alternative financing into the general public’s consciousness, allowing non-traditional investments to become commonplace in the future of corporate finance

The CRWD Network

As previously stated, the entire CRWD Network is based around its participants, and CONDA’s infrastructure is therefore designed to unlock the full potential of the crowd. Participants drive transaction volume in 6 different ways:


**By participating on CONDA-owned platforms **

CONDA operates and manages its own platforms in 7 countries and has more than 25,000 users. To date, CONDA-owned platforms have raised around €20 million.

**By issuing CONDA-branded platforms **

External partners operate these platforms but work under a franchise agreement, using the CONDA brand and ecosystem. CONDA is currently discussing franchise licenses with several partners from different countries.

**By issuing white-label partners **

CONDA started the portal to allow everyone to set up their own platform within the CRWD network. 5 partners are already using the portal for their services and the infrastructure for scaling their businesses.

**By transferring transactions **

Within one year, CONDA will enable its investors to transfer their subordinated loans onto the platform.

**By providing dividend payouts **

Every year, CONDA projects that have raised funds through the ecosystem make payouts to the investors who supported them. Starting next year, the new CONDA blockchain infrastructure will be handling these transactions.

**By messaging transactions **

To further engage participants in the network, investors will be able to manage communication through the CONDA blockchain infrastructure protocol. Messages can be transferred between investors from different platforms, and thus current investors can always receive the latest information.

Transactionvolume increases CRWD Token Demand

Transaction volume will increase with every new platform joining the network and infrastructure, leading to a high demand for (and even higher usage of) CONDA’s crypto, the CRWD Token, over time. CONDA’s infrastructure will be used by CONDA’s subsidiaries, franchise partners and white-label partners.

By 2020 more than 100 platforms are expected to join the network. CONDA’s infrastructure allows these companies to simultaneously present their investment offers on several platforms across different countries, filling the existing gap in funding methods while remaining legally-compliant.

more about the CRWD Token in the next article...