Millions of European companies can now issue security tokens thanks to CONDA

CONDA is happy to announce the world's first legally-compliant decentralized network protocol to launch tokenized security and equity offerings. CONDA’s unique solution for the tokenization of existing and well-known financial instruments allows any European company to issue 100% legally-compliant security or equity tokens. In addition, the CONDA team is diligently working to bring its solution to as many countries as possible worldwide and is currently in negotiations with regulators in several Asian countries as well as in the US.

Managing Partner and Co-Founder Daniel Horak: “We have worked hard for months, had several meetings with lawyers and European regulators, and now those discussions have finally paid off. We are happy to announce the world's first technical solution for issuing security tokens in an easy, practically seamless manner.”

New dates released

The Pre-Sale phase of CONDA’s ICO begins on June 4th and will run for a maximum of 60 days or until the Pre-Sale hard cap of 6 million EUR is reached. After that, the Crowd-Sale will begin and run for a maximum of 40 days or until the total hard cap of 18 million EUR is reached. Bonus tokens are available for early investors up to 30% at

Paul Pöltner: “We started our negotiations with European regulators and are now aiming for the approval of international authorities with focus on the United States and Asia. For that reason, we decided to slightly adjust the dates of our ICO. Thanks to our year-long experience within the financial industry and in negotiating with cognizant authorities, we are optimistic about the outcome of our meetings.”

Accelerator program

To celebrate this achievement, CONDA AG is sponsoring an accelerator program to companies interested in issuing security tokens in Austria and Germany. One applicant from each country will be awarded with the use of CONDA’s full service platform. Companies can apply via a form that will go online soon on

First project to start in autumn

Very soon, the first security ICO will start with a total goal of 10- 20 million Euro. “We are proud to announce that the first project after completing the ICO will begin in autumn this year. More information on this topic will follow soon,” says Managing Director Daniel Horak.