Press release: Initial Coin Offering – Austrian crowdinvesting platform CONDA starts pre-sale

After announcing its ICO several months ago, CONDA has now begun its pre-sale. Starting on December 20th, 2017, people can pre-sign for the new CRWD Token. By utilizing the power of blockchain technology, the company founded by Daniel Horak and Paul Poeltner aims to build the financial market of the future.

CONDA started its crowd investing activities in 2013. So far, 94 projects were successfully funded with a total investment sum of 21,12 mio. euros. Four years after the company’s founding, CONDA is introducing blockchain infrastructure onto its platforms, offering its own cryptocurrency: the CRWD Token.

Decentralization and full transparency

During the last few years, alternative business funding (e.g. crowdinvesting) has increased considerably, and with it, more different and non-standardized platforms for ICOs and crowdfinancing are popping up. CONDA believes that the future of financing lies in the power of the crowd. At the moment, the power of the crowd is proving to be on a good path toward fulfilling the existing financing gap, but it is also obvious that it has much more to overcome, such as the lack of decentralization and full-transparency. „Implementing blockchain infrastructure is the next logical step to secure transparency and security within crowdinvesting. Our mission is to shape the financial market of the future,“ Managing Director Paul Poeltner says.

CRWD Token: the core of all transactions

CRWD Token is the core of all transactions made within the CONDA decentralized platform. „CRWD Token owners benefit from the positive aspects of the blockchain: full transpareny, security and decentralization,“ Poeltner affirms.

The token is required for CONDA’s diverse business services as well as for paying the fees incurred. By contrast, investing in the projects processed on CONDA will still made in the respective national currency, e.g. euro.

Increasing demand & loyalty program

While all CONDA blockchain solutions require CRWD Token for their usage, the number of platforms and companies using these solutions is likely to increase. CRWD Token is paid as a percentage of the transaction volume, i.e. 0.5% of the amount invested. As a result, this will likely lead to steadily-increasing demand for CRWD Token. As a general economic principle, increasing demand results in increasing value. CRWD Token owners can trade their tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another benefit for token owners is the new loyalty program: Companies pay their fees to process their projects on CONDA platforms. 5% of this fee flows directly into the loyalty program, along with 3% of the distributed CRWD Token during the ICO. The CONDA community will be included in the loyalty program and will therefore receive CRWD Token based on their activities on the platform.

Earlybirds grab the pre-sale bonus

The minimum amount to purchase is 1 CRWD. During the pre-sale, 1 CRWD equals 1 euro. „Tokens will only be distributed during the ICO. Everyone who joins the pre-sale can grab a 20% bonus. The official sale starts in the first quarter of 2018,“ Managing Director and co-founder Daniel Horak explains.

Hard facts:

• Private-Sale start date: December 20th 2017

• Pre-Sale start: June 4th 2018

• Token Activation: Q2 2018

• Minimum purchase amount: 1 CRWD Token

• Pre-sale price: 1 Euro

• Minimum cap: 1.000.000 EUR

• Unsold tokens will be burned

• There will be no further crowdsale

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Media contact:

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