The CRWD Token

The CRWD Token (CRWD) acts as the fuel to power the CRWD Network and is needed to participate in the CONDA blockchain-supported ecosystem. CRWD is the main vehicle for the successful buying and selling of investments and for supporting all the positive aspects that the blockchain supports: transparency, security and decentralization.

The token is required for CONDA’s diverse business services as well as for paying the fees thereby incurred. By contrast, investing in projects listed on CONDA’s platform can still be made in the respective national currency (e.g. EUR).

Companies can pay for consulting during the initial setup and execution of the crowdinvesting campaign with CRWD Token. They can also purchase maintenance services, including interest payments or send messages.

Investors can transfer alternative investments and buy platform add-ons using CRWD Token. They will receive CRWD as a reward for their activities on the platform, such as giving expert feedback to companies presenting their campaigns.

White-label partners can effortlessly present foreign companies on their platform without having to handle foreign currencies or small transaction fees.

Value of the CRWD Token: Why You Should Invest

Like the CRWD network, the value of CRWD Token has its basis in the transaction volume (as described in a previous article). CRWD Token functions as a single method of payment for services and infrastructure on the blockchain, regardless of the country of operation.

The usage of CRWD will increase with every new user, thereby simultaneously increasing in value. The CRWD Token will not bear any rights and does not have a fixed maturity. CRWD Token is not repayable, and does not bear any voting or interest rights. Investors will not be able to reclaim their contribution in CRWD Token.

Company Use of CRWD Token

Companies will be able to create new investment offers directly within the network, either by themselves or via a platform. Once their offer is present within the network, they can decide in which countries to display. Platforms presenting investments are incentivized with CRWD.

Companies need to pay in CRWD Token to create their tokenized equity offerings, which will then be offered to investors. By purchasing these tokenized equity offerings, investors are investing in the company which issued them. Therefore, a tokenized equity offering is a representation of the investment product in the form of a token.

Company token also allows its owner to participate in the profits of the company and to earn interest. The tokenized equity offering includes functionalities for its owner such as voting, messaging, payouts and investor registration.

Additionally, companies can use CRWD Token to pay for CONDA’s services in the CRWD network.

Each crowdfinancing campaign needs to be conducted in compliance with capital markets and regulatory requirements. More detailed and technical information about tokenized equity offerings is presented in CONDA’s technical white paper.

Investor Use of CRWD Token

Investors who participate in the CONDA Crowd-Sale can use their CRWD Token to pay to create investor keys.

Every investor needs to be identified prior to investing to maintain the legal compliance CONDA is proud of. This identification is completed in compliance with KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.

To participate in the network, investors need to create investor keys with CRWD Token. The investor key contains all the data the investor provided as identification. This data is encrypted with the investor’s protection, and the investor always stays in control of their data. Once the investor creates an investor key, other platforms can work with the previously-completed KYC check. The identification procedure now only needs to be done once.

While the investment procedure will still be accomplished using fiat currencies, the investor must provide the platform and company access to their KYC data via the investor key. This stipulation allows the company to see who the investors are and to maintain compliance with regulations.

The investor key is merely a method of identification and cannot be used in any other way. The only participants able to access the investor key are: 1) the company that sold their tokenized equity offering to the investor and 2) the investors themselves. Once the investor owns a tokenized equity offering, they can prove that they have ownership in a company and participate in any company profits.

To summarize, investors:

  • have investor keys
  • actively participate in the platform and receive tokenized equity offerings
  • receive a reward for their participation in the community

More detailed and technical information about tokenized equity offerings is presented in CONDA’s technical white paper.