Who are the participants of the CRWD Network?

It is already established that CRWD Network has four different types of tokens and that they have their respective users. Who are the participants of the CRWD Network that can use these tokens?

1. CRWD Projects

CRWD Projects are companies that are looking to raise investments through the CRWD Network platform. They are doing this by creating their asset tokens within the network. These tokens represent the shares or bonds of CRWD Projects, which investors can buy.

For more information on how CRWD Projects raise investments, check our article "7 steps to getting funded through CRWD Network".

2. CRWD Platforms

CONDA's crowdinvesting platform is not the only platform through which CRWD Projects can raise investments. Any local entity that wants to list projects and help them raise investments can apply to become a part of the CRWD Network as a platform provider. A new platform can do so by getting in touch with CONDA and agreeing to a joint policy on how to operate with new projects. After an agreement on this matter, CRWD Platforms get their Platform key and are ready to list new projects.

3. CRWD Investors

Anyone looking to buy regulated asset tokens of a project they want to support can become a CRWD Investor. These participants receive their own Investor key after they successfully pass the KYC process. With a valid Investor key, CRWD Investors can support any project within the CRWD Network.


CONDA is the company behind the CRWD Network. Its purpose is to whitelist new platforms into the CRWD Network, by giving the Platform key to a partner platform which wants to become a part of it. Furthermore, it handles the maintenance and further development of the Smart Contract environment. Adapting the network to fit the community's needs is another CONDA's responsibility.

5. Identity Provider

Identity provider is a third party partner that performs a KYC check of the future CRWD Investors. If the verification is successful, the Identity provider triggers the handouts of the Investor Key. The data of a successful verification is saved, and the access to it is given to CRWD projects when necessary.

6. Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is not a part of CRWD Network per se. It is an independent entity which allows trading of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, few exchanges are interested in trading asset token, and most of them are only trading utility tokens.

CONDA is expecting exchanges to be accepting security tokens in the future and so CONDA is in discussion with a couple of security token exchanges. It will also offer support for the project's asset tokens listing, considering that exchanges have their own individual guidelines for listing a token.

In the meantime, CONDA focuses on having CRWD Token listed on a number of utility token exchanges.