Why invest in CRWD Token?

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are growing exponentially. So is the demand for alternative financing of startups and innovative ventures.

Alternative finance and the future of crowdinvesting

In the last few years, the rapid growth in size and number of inventive SMEs, startups and real estate projects have proven that traditional forms of financing are unable to fit the needs of such cutting-edge ventures. New and alternative forms of financing are the solution to closing the financial gap, the most important ones being crowdfunding or crowdinvesting.

CONDA took the first step to closing this financial gap back in 2013 by creating an innovative crowdinvesting platform that connects companies with investors who help the firms‘ ideas evolve into profitable businesses without intermediaries and who actively participate in the success of these businesses.

The power of the crowd – the future of financing

As the industry for alternative financing rapidly expands, more non-standardized platforms for ICOs and crowdfinancing are popping up. CONDA believes that the future of financing lies in the power of the crowd, which thus far is proving to be on a good path toward fulfilling the existing financing gap. But there is much more work to be done to combat the current lack of decentralization and full-transparency apparent in the market. That’s where CONDA’s blockchain technology comes into play.

The solution for the financial market of the future

CONDA is facing the problems listed above head-on: by creating the missing decentralized infrastructure built on the blockchain to be utilized by companies seeking funds, investors looking for investment options and other platform operators providing similarly appropriate tools. With this new platform, the power of the crowd will reach its full potential by being fully decentralized, community-driven, transparent, and without any boundaries in the form of intermediaries between the participants of the ecosystem.

What is the CRWD Token?

CRWD Token is the core of all transactions made in the CONDA decentralized marketplace. Without it, no investments can be conducted; only CRWD Token holders will be able to use the crowdfinancing platform. It is also mandatory to successfully buy and sell investments as well as maintain the positive aspects of the blockchain: transparency, security and decentralization. For more information about the CRWD Token, please read the CONDA white paper.

Why should you purchase CRWD Token?

1. Limited-time offer

All tokens will be issued only during the ICO. This is stated in the CONDA smart contract and is therefore 100% guaranteed by a decentralized blockchain protocol. For investors this results in a reduced supply and therefore higher token price when hitting the exchanges.

2. Constant Demand

While all CONDA blockchain solutions require CRWD Token for their usage, the number of platforms and companies using these solutions is increasing constantly. CRWD Token is paid as a percentage from the transaction volume, i.e., 0.5% of the invested amount. As a result, we are hopeful that this will lead to increased demand of CRWD Token.

3. R&D Program

The R&D Program will be used to fund ongoing research and development projects submitted and voted upon by the CONDA crowd and its stakeholders (investors, companies, platforms, partners) in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the CONDA network.

4. Loyalty Program

Loyal members of the CONDA community will receive CRWD Token based on their activities on the platform.

5. Regulatory Compliance

All of CONDA’s activities as a crowdinvesting platform are checked by the financial authority in the countries in which CONDA operates. CONDA is currently operates as a subordinated loan.

Read more about CRWD Token in the white paper.